Download a copy of our Weight Loss Clinic brochure here.


Because your health is our concern, Bethany Medical decided to create a program devoted to helping patients lose weight, the healthy way. Our objective is to help patients adopt new behaviors and a new lifestyle to boost weight loss and self-esteem. Adopting sensible eating habits and practicing portion control while staying active will contribute to leading an overall longer, healthier life.


We know that not all weight loss programs work for everyone. That is why we tailor each weight loss plan to the individual needs of each patient including diet, physical activity and/or exercise, medications and support.

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Tests and Assessments

During your initial weight loss visit with Bethany, test and assessments are performed to better plan the appropriate steps to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Being overweight can increase your likelihood of having diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, cancer and strokes. Our medical professionals begin with screening for such problems. This may include but not limit to:

·        Spirometry test
·        Chest x-ray
·        Laboratory work
·        Electrocardiogram

Tests and assessments will be covered by most insurance companies and will be filed by Bethany Medical as a courtesy to you. You are, however, responsible for the rendered services if for any reason your insurance carrier denies or does not cover these services.


Eating Right

Your Provider will counsel with you to develop a personalized nutritional plan that will help you improve you diet habits. You will discuss meal plans, calorie intake, portion control and the importance of staying hydrated.



Even if you live and work a busy/active lifestyle, it does not count as exercise. Your body becomes accustom to your daily activities, including a repetitive workout, and you will not lose weight by this alone. Your provider will determine the appropriate level and amount of daily/weekly activity needed to reach your weight loss goal.



Our plan will direct you towards a slow, steady weight loss unless you physician feels your health condition would benefit from more rapid weight loss. This may include assistance from prescription or supplement medication.

We have all natural Physician Wellness supplements available to our patients including Bio Lean II (a blend of Chinese herbs and amino acids that stimulate thermo genesis, metabolism).

Remember that medications are only one part of your weight loss plan and should be taken exactly as directed by your provider.


Appointments and Follow Ups

For your convenience, initial weight loss appointments and follow up appointments are available at both our Medical Center and Medical Clinic locations during normal operating hours, including weekends.

Change is difficult, even if the change has a positive impact on your health. A monthly follow up visit will allow us to measure your progress through body mass index and body circumference measurements. This will also allow us to monitor blood pressure and heart rate for those on medications that require monthly refills.

During your follow up visit, we will review your weight loss journal and you will have an opportunity to receive counseling on your individual weight loss plan. We will offer you encouragement, give suggestions and work together to set and meet your weight loss goals.